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This week we’re talking about, hassle free 3d printing, talking toys, insults and an awesome kickstarter project

Ninja Plate Flexible Build Platform

Over on the Adafruit YouTube channel there’s a video demonstrating the Ninja Plate Flexible Build Platform. Instead of using tape, glue or hairspray on your Makerbot Replicator 2’s build plate, you pop the ninja plate on top of it and print directly on that.

Once you’re done with your print take the plate off and twist it a little and your print will just pop off.

The site they’ve currently sold out, but you can subscribe for updates for stock notifications.

GEMMA Talking Toy Sound Pack

Adafruit released this week a project for their GEMMA platform.

If don’t know what GEMMA is it’s a tiny arduino compatible, wearable module. The project kit includes all the components necessary to make a toy that plays a sound when you pick it up and give it a little wiggle.

The amazing Becky Stern shows you how to wire this project together in a video on their YouTube channel and I’ll include links get your hands on these kits in the show notes. You can even buy a cute Sew-Your-Owl-Kit.

Coin-operated Insult Generator

Over on the SparkFun blog Mike Hord goes over creating a Coin-operated Insult Generator called the HaterMatic.

You insert a coin, push a button and it prints out an insult on a receipt, lovely!

He builds the project live and you can follow along. I’ll include a link to the parts in the show notes.


Now, I want to share a cool Kickstarter Project. OSCAR. And it ends next week and it needs your help.

It’s basically a high resolution iPad screen that’s been broken out so that can be plugged into a regular mini-display or thunderbolt port. It’s enclosed in an awesome clear acrylic stand.

The cool thing about it is it’s open source hardware and software and the breakout board on the back of the display has jumpers so your can customise it with sensors and custom circuits. It’s also arduino compatible!

It’s very similar to Adafruit’s Qualia display but it seems to be even easier to started hacking on it.

Both the Qualia display and OSCAR are at similar price point. I already have a Qualia and love it. If you want an easily hackable iPad display show your support on the kickstarter project.


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