After getting my Arduino-controlled RC car turning right, I was just preparing to solder a wire on to turn the car left to the remote control’s circuit board. But it wasn’t going to be the case. I knocked my Panavise Jr. PCB holder off of the table I was working on. And this happened:

When it happened I didn’t feel frustration. Upon reflection I’ve learnt more than the value of the $9 I spent on the car and replacing it isn’t that expensive. I’ll have a spare car or I can control 2 at once! How wicked is that?

I probably would be able to re-solder wires quicker and cleaner thanks to some tips I picked up from a colleague, Tommy Wingo, at lunch today.

Mistakes and accidents happen. They’re teaching moments. I now know I should either:

  1. Keep your PCB holders away from the edge of the table
  2. Keep them secured to the table

Breaking things is fine. Brush yourself off and get back to it. Now, I’m off to Walmart, it’s open all the time, I love America.